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Framework for a progressive Beach Access and Protection policy

  • Declaration of general and unfettered rights to the entire beach and river ecosystems to be constitutionally enshrined as pillars of the country’s ecological heritage.

  • Reform of Land laws to provide beach and river bank easements on properties that adjoin the sea or rivers.

  • Creation of a coastal protection zone with a minimum of 60 feet above the high water mark around the entire island.

  • A coastal conservation plan to restore and protect the beach and river ecosystem. 

  • An immediate moratorium on new construction within 65 feet of the high water mark and along river banks.

  • An immediate suspension on all sales of public lands adjoining the sea and surrounding rivers.

  • Development of a Coastal and river land trust to hold all lands adjoining the sea and rivers in perpetuity for the people of Jamaica.

  • Suspension of Majority foreign ownership of coastal and river lands in Jamaica to protect waterway sovereignty.

  • The Granting of rights of Nature status for the Beach and main river ecosystems in Jamaica

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