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A Sustainable and Eco-friendly Compatible Tourism Model

        Our approach is not incompatible with a sustainable tourism model that is environmentally friendly. The current tourism model that is pervasive in Jamaica is antiquated, economically unjust, environmentally destructive, promotes racial stereotypes (akin to the Aparthied system in South Africa) and is unsustainable.  An open and eco-friendly tourism model will actually make the tourism product better. It will be more economically beneficial to the entire population.  It does so by removing the boundary between tourists and Jamaican citizens.  This opens up ideas and collaborative spaces. Ecotourism promotes racial harmony and goodwill.  It also elevates environmental awareness and conservation which is a win-win for humanity and the tourism industry.

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        Monies spent will go directly into communities which can drive entrepreneurship.  This can empower local communities to combat poverty in a sustainable way. There is more value in this model and it protects the environment. The current model further concentrates wealth and opportunity into the richer class of Jamaicans and thus widen the wealth gap. This inequity only further drives crime in our society.   Community tourism gave birth to the "Wingless Angel" music collaboration between Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and members of the Steer Town music community, highlighting possibilities when barriers are removed.  Importantly, sustainable ecotourism protects the natural and cultural heritage of Jamaica which are fundamentally important to the people of the country and the tourism business.

Development along the Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios coast is not sustainable and the environment is forever damaged.

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The environmental capital that attracts tourist and should be preserved for future generations is being destroyed.

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